Dancers greet visitors to the East Region.

October 30, 2018 / Comments Off on LIVING HEALTHILY TOGETHER

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Dancers greet visitors to the East Region.Cameroonian Association and Sympathisers in Scotland (CAMASS): Celebrating 15 years of integration and diversity in Scotland.

November – December 2018 sees the 15th anniversary of CAMASS Scottish Cameroonian organisation based in Glasgow and this important landmark event is being celebrated with a 5 week-end festival across Glasgow from 10 November 2018. At a time when certain elements of British society seem to wish to turn their backs on welcoming people from overseas, the vibrancy of this group, is a positive proof that when communities are empowered to participate in the wider community that integration becomes a positive thing for everyone.

Originally formed in 2003, over 100 Scottish based Cameroonians are now members. It’s a way of keeping cultural roots and language alive while also assisting each other make the most of life in Scotland and contribute to the development of their new Homeland. In addition to providing members with access to legal support and providing activities which engage the African community in confidence building and empowerment to improve the chances of both young people and adults. CAMASS in a very practical way in making a difference to their local communities, through their clean up service that took place for the past 10 years to help improve Glasgow’s dirtiest areas. More importantly the association has established a popular summer sports programme organised for families on the last weekend before children go back to school every year.

And for this 15th birthday they wish to invite the whole city to celebrate this event.

The activities of the festival include:

Share my table which is a community conversation on healthy foods and eating: Saturday 10 November 2018

Living with Sickle Cell Disease: A conversation with Sickle Cell Thalassaemia Support Group Scotland

about the disease on17 November 2018.

A Family Fun Day with mini football tournament, Handball, Basketball, face painting, and a Bouncy

Castle,24 November 2018.

A 10k Bike Ride, 01 December 2018.

A Cultural Day with fashion shows, live music, and Cameroonian cuisine,29 December 2018.

Humphrey Sabi (first Camass president) said: “Today, after 15 years of operation, the association has established itself as one of the strongest ethnic minority groups. It has provided a framework for its members to maintain their cultural heritage and an environment for them to bring their children together to learn their cultural values in a safe and friendly environment. In addition to the values they acquire from their host country, Scotland. We are proud to serve Scotland because we

arrived here and Scotland makes us feel at home by giving us opportunities to integrate into the community and feel a part very much of it.”

Timoleon Mboue (CAMASS president) said:

As CAMASS is celebrating its 15th anniversary, I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their continued hard work and support for the last 15 years since CAMASS was created. 2018 is the year to take what we have, consolidate it and drive our organisation forward keeping in mind that we still have lots of challenges to face. This will only be achieve if we continue to work harder.”