In 2002, the father of a Cameroonian (living in Scotland) passed away in Cameroon. Other Scotland-based Cameroonians heard about the sad news and decided to assist him.

On visiting the bereft family, they realised that they were a great many compatriots in Glasgow. Many of them knew each other from passing on Glasgow streets and meeting at colleges. We decided to set up an organisation for Scottish Cameroonians because we lived far away from our families, and the majority of us in Glasgow were here as asylum seekers at the time and facing a range of shared problems from language to financial and immigration issues. CAMASS (Cameroonian Association and Sympathisers in Scotland) was established as a point of contact for every Cameroonian living or arriving in Glasgow.

CAMASS became a formal organisation in 2003 when we were constituted with our first president Humphrey Sabi. Our main aims were to create solidarity between us members and to support each other when difficult situations arise. We have had many successes over the years when dealing with problems facing by our members. We are proud to say that none of our members have never been deported because every time a member of CAMASS has faced deportation, we contribute money to jointly pay for a solicitor to defend them.

Another key success of CAMASS has been the clean-up service we have run since 2008 to help improve Glasgow’s dirtiest areas. We have also established a popular summer sports programme organised for families on the last weekend before children go back to school.

We are proud to serve Scotland because we arrived here and Scotland makes us feel at home by giving us opportunities to integrate into the community and feel very much a part of it. CAMASS is one of the leading community groups in Glasgow and we would like to improve on that by contributing even more into our local community and to show good practice to the new and growing Camer-Scottish community.




Chief Whip Eric dang
President Timoleon Mboue
Vice President Ernest Yeyap
General Secretary Jules Ngassa
Vice Secretary Marie Binzie
Financial Secretary Chretien B’tamo
Cultural Affairs Officer1 Guy Ngansi
Cultural Affairs Officer2 Gilbert Kamgan
Treasurer Jean Pierre Wandji


Membership of CAMASS is open to:

  • All Cameroonians and any individuals or agencies that support CAMASS aims and objectives.
  • All Cameroonians and their spouses are eligible to membership.
  • Membership is acquired through payment of the annual registration and attendance at meetings.
  • Membership registration shall be £20 for prospective members. Other contributions shall be made when and where necessary.
  • Annual contribution shall be £10 for current member.
  • Annual contribution for refreshment during meetings shall be £25 for prospective and current members.
  • Other contributions shall be made when and where necessary.
  • Fees are paid by members over 16 year old.
  • All members must honour all the obligations of the association.
  • All members can vote and be voted for during elections of executive committee. Voting members have to be over 16 years.